Install Pvgeo

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Install PVGeo on Mac

The installation follows official documentation and post

install conda env

conda create -n pvgeoenv python=2.7

install PVGeo

source activate pvgeoen
pvgeoenv $ pip install imageio==2.6.1 # need this to be compatible with PVGeo
pvgeoenv $ pip install PVGeo

# check if succussfully installed
pvgeoenv $ python -c "import PVGeo; print('success')"

linking PVGeo with Paraview

pvgeoenv $ python -m PVGeo install echo

# this will print a bash command and paths for PV_PLUGIN_PATH and PYTHONPATH

#We are assuming you are on Mac OS:
#Copy paste the following line(s) to execute in your bash terminal:

curl -s | sh -s /opt/anaconda3/envs/pvgeoenv/lib/python2.7/site-packages


load plugin

  • open Paraview (5.6.x or higher)
  • select Tools --> Manage plugins--> Load New...
  • browse to PV_PLUGIN_PATH, and choose