Pin Shuai is currently an Earth Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). He is a quantitative hydrogeologist by training. His research interests lie primarily in two areas. The first area is understanding of the hydrological, biogeochemical processes occurring at the aquatic-terrestrial interface under the impact of groundwater and surface water interactions. The second area is quantifying the flow and transport of heat, nutrients and contaminants from bedrock to canopy top in a watershed, and feedbacks between hydrology, land use, and climate change. He is also interested in leveraging machine learning to assist hydrologic modeling.

At PNNL, Pin has been working on the SBR-SFA project titled “River Corridor Hydrobiogeochemistry Science Focus Area”, with a focus on reach- and watershed- scale river corridor modeling. He aims to understand the dominant factors that control the dynamic exchange between river and aquifers and their implications on contaminant mobilization, biogeochemical and ecological processes in the Columbia River Basin under the impact of climate change and disturbances (e.g., wildfire). Additionally, Pin has been working on the ExaSheds project to advance watershed system science using machine learning for data-intensive simulation.

Pin received his PhD in geology with focus on hydrogeology from Texas A&M University (USA) in 2017, and his MS and BS in water resources engineering from Wuhan University (China) in 2013 and 2011, respectively. Most of his previous work has focused on groundwater-surface water interactions under dynamic river flow conditions and their implications on nutrient and contaminant transport and transformation in the hyporheic zone adjacent to riverbanks. He has used both numerical models and field methods to study nitrate cycling in a dam regulated river in Texas as well as arsenic mobilization in the aquifer under tidal influence in Bangladesh.

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